AI researchers wants create a new academic discipline called “Machine Behavior”

“We’ve developed scientific methods to study black boxes for hundreds of years now, but these methods have primarily been applied to [living beings] up to this point,” says Nick Obradovich, an MIT Media Lab researcher and co-author of a new paper published last week in Nature. “We can leverage many of the same tools to study the […]

New simple method promises to accelerate the arrival of self-driving cars

The laser sensors currently used on board of self-driving cars for the recognition of 3D objects are often an Achilles heel in the development of new generation vehicles, but a new method simple and cheap, proposed by researchers at Cornell University, could change the game. “Cornell researchers have discovered that a simpler method, using two […]

Yoshua Bengio, winner of the Turing award: “Killer drones are a big concern. There is a moral question, and a security question”

Yoshua Bengio, winner of the prestigious Turing award, talks about artificial intelligence during an interview with ‘Nature’. Bengio argues that more responsibility is needed in research and development of artificial intelligence, especially in fields such as military and security. “Killer drones are a big concern”, declared Bengio. “There is a moral question, and a security […]

“Predict, Mountain View”, Google Brain’s AI write code based on your previous code

“At any given time, a developer will approach a code base and make changes with one or more intents in mind”, the members of the Google Brain team wrote in a paper, “It is … an interesting research challenge, because edit patterns cannot be understood only in terms of the content of the edits (what […]

EU publishes new guidelines on Artificial Intelligence

The EU has published new guidelines on Artificial Intelligence, which are based on different principles such as transparency, algorithm control and respect for the Gdpr. The document was created with the advice of 500 experts from various sectors. After a pilot phase, a review is planned for 2020. “Building on the work of the group […]

Panel at the International Journalism Festival 2019, AI: the China-USA duel

By 2030, China is aiming to become a world leader in artificial intelligence, undermining American technological primacy. Among software, applications and social control, the real challenge between the two powers will be the AI one and will involve key sectors: from medicine, to smart cities, from agriculture to the military sector. The race for AI […]

The materials of the future made by Artificial Intelligence?

Will artificial intelligence make the materials of the future? According to researchers from the University of Missouri-Columbia this is what will happen. “If you put atoms in certain configurations, the material will behave differently”, explain Yuan Dong, a research assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering and lead researcher on the study. “Structures determine the […]

A new infographic shows How AI is Being Deployed Across Industries

A new very complete infographic made by, shows the various applications of artificial intelligence and robots in the various sectors of the industry. The infographic, entitled ‘The AI Revolution’, illustrates very clearly different aspects of artificial intelligence such as its definition, the types of AI, its current and future applications and its diffusion in […]